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And then…I had twins September 18, 2009

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About a year ago I was so smug.

I rolled my eyes at mothers with screaming babies in the Target. Judged mothers whose babies/toddlers had spit up and food covering their clothes. Those mothers that took their babies out in only a onesie and socks with no bow in their hair and who looked like they had just rolled out bed? Well, frankly, I pitied them and judged them a little.

And then…I had twins.

Not so smug anymore.

Sometimes you just have to go to Target and get things like diapers or formula for the screaming baby and there is no one to leave them with. Sometimes you go to Garden Ridge and all is well with the world;  your babies are sleeping in their stroller and you are loving shopping and then BAM!! Screaming happens! I have been lucky enough that mine usually start the screaming as we get back in the car and that is bad enough. I do not envy the poor woman mentally and sometimes vocally begging her baby to just “PLEASE TAKE YOUR PACIFIER! YOU ARE HUMILIATING ME!”  There may been an incident in the Hobby Lobby checkout line where Jaxson had a meltdown and it was pouring down rain so I had to leave him in the  line with my mom and Hannah (my sister) and go get the car. So sorry about that Hobby Lobby patrons this past Wednesday night. Suffice it to say, I am not rolling my eyes at anyone these days.

Newsflash Heather, spit up happens. My babies spit up or drool or dribble every time they take a bottle. Seriously, every time.  So if it’s not horrific spit up, I am not changing their clothes. Do I look like I need another load of laundry? No more judging coming from this corner ladies!

To the mothers that I pitied and judged because your kids were in onesies, your hair was a mess and your clothes looked like you picked them up off the floor; I was stupid, can we chalk it up to inexperience? My babies wear onesies pretty much all the time. I only put a bow on Elizabeth if we are going to church or somewhere else halfway nice, I don’t make her wear a bow to the grocery store like I always thought I would. Neither one of them has worn shoes more than once. Judge me if you must but shoes are too much trouble. Socks are easier and they do the job. Oh yeah, and my clothes sometimes look like they got picked up off the floor and on occasion my hair is a mess (like today for instance).

Definitely not so smug anymore.


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