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I have a confession… October 7, 2009

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I love TV!

Jesse and I watch way more TV then we should. But we love it and frankly at the end of the day I am often to tired to read so TV is what we do. I end up watching my shows days after they actually air because of the amazing invention of DVR. I don’t know how we survived without one!

We are watching (some of this is really Jesse stuff we  watch separately):


Heroes (Jesse’s)

Lie to Me

Flipping Out (Me)

The Good Wife (Me)

Criminal Minds


Real Housewives of Atlanta (Me)

Vampire Diaries (I can’t decide if I like this, but Jesse does)

Law & Order SVU

Smallville (Jesse’s)

Jesse does not watch reality tv at all unless there is absolutely nothing else on and I beg. He hates it. I have stopped watching a lot of it. I used to watch the reality stuff on MTV (although I still do watch the Hills sometimes) but I don’t anymore, I can’t deal with the cussing, drinking and sex scenes. What is it about reality tv stars that makes them think they should act like idiots on national television?

I always wonder what everyone else’s favorites are. Please do share!


One Response to “I have a confession…”

  1. theweaverway Says:

    I really like The Good Wife! Way different than I was expecting it though. And Criminal Minds, Dan got us watching this season, it’s amazing! Also, we are watching Flash Forward. Veeery good so far.

    I love that there is such a variety on this year. Not just medical shows. Although there’s like 2 new ones of those coming out. Didn’t they get the memo?

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