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Part Trois: What is worse? Child birth or a kidney stone? January 6, 2010

Filed under: everyday life — Heather Sellers @ 12:30 pm

Are you aware that a LOT of people have surgery the last week of the year so they don’t have to do it once their deductible starts over? I was aware of this in a way (since I did work for a surgeon) but I had no idea how many people did this. When you work for one doctor and that doctor does a few extra surgeries it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when everyone is doing a couple of extras that stuff adds up. This is very important for you to understand since my surgery was in fact on December 29th which is in the last week of the year. So my surgery is scheduled at 11:30am and it started pretty close to on time and they left Jess, Mom and Hannah stay with me right up until they rolled my bed into the OR  so I am feeling good about things at that point.

Good feelings end right there and do not return until pretty much yesterday. Yesterday was the FOURTH people. That is 6 days post op and I hated life from basically the moment I woke up from my surgery until then. I am serious, ask my mom and Hannah, it was ugly.

The recovery nurse was the worst nurse I have ever come in contact with in my life. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom and she just gave me a bed pan, to which I said “I can’t go in this, but I really think I need to go.” She told me that I probably didn’t need to actually go, it just felt like it because the surgery makes you feel like you have a urinary tract infection. Really? Interesting-because my doctor didn’t mention anything about that. Then she proceeded to tell me that I could not go home from recovery because they were too busy and too full to release me. WHAT? You are too full to left me leave? I still don’t think she understood why that was stupid. I didn’t want to stay the night in recovery, I wanted her to fill out my release paperwork.

So evil recovery nurse takes me back upstairs to the room I stayed the night in. Where she proceeds to get into a really ridiculous and heated argument in my room in front of me and my family with the nurse on the 4th floor about who’s job it is to take care of me. Can you feel the love?

I asked the 4th floor nurse, Marilyn, if I could go to the bathroom and once again I was told no because she was too busy to go with me. When I asked if my mom could just go with me (even though I had already told her I didn’t need an escort) she said that was against the rules. You guys do not understand how badly I needed to go at this point AND the doctor had told me that the only way I could go home was the go to the bathroom on my own, which I was desperately trying to do.

After 30 minutes she finally came back and let me go to the bathroom but would not give me anything for pain because no one had sent her orders to do so.

So at this point I am getting more and more upset because my pain level is going up and up since HI!  I JUST HAD SURGERY! and my mom was getting more and more angry. She handled it really, really well and they finally got me something for the pain after 2 hours of waiting and a few times of me crying and saying something like”Mom, just have them give me the morphine back! I promise I will push the button every time the little light turns green! Please Mom! Ok fine, just cut my kidney out then!”

I finally got to go home at a quarter to 5:00pm. Ridiculous. Hospital-expect a complaint for this girl. Thanks in advance!


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