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I think I’ll stick with Raisin Nut Bran November 1, 2009

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The first time cereal experience was interesting. Here Jaxson and Elizabeth are unknowingly getting ready for this experience. In bumbo chairs, check. In clothes that can be ruined and Mom won’t cry, check. Bibs on, check. Cereal mixed, check. Daddy home in time to participate, barely check but CHECK none the less!



So Jaxson was first, and I gotta tell you, he was less than impressed. He mostly looked at me like I had clearly lost my mind. I could tell that if he was able to talk he would have said something like “Seriously Mom? Gross. Where is my bottle?”



(Yes I know  look a mess. Jaxson spit up on my sweater so I was wearing just my tank top. Stop looking at me and look at the cute babies!)


Needless to say, Jaxson only ate about 4 bites and we called it a draw. I say, good first try, no?

Elizabeth did pretty good, she probably ate more like 8 or 9 spoonfuls and she didn’t look disgusted or mad. So again I say, good first try, no?




But there is no need to worry my friends, Jaxson perked right up after I got that spoon away from him! 🙂