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Awkward Moments are Some of the Best December 22, 2009

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Last night as Jesse and I were settling down to go to sleep he rolled over and put his arm around me. Doesn’t everybody love to spoon? I usually do. But last night was different. Jess has these little hairs on his stomach and somehow they were penetrating¬† my shirt and STABBING me in the back. I couldn’t stand it!

He ended up rolling back over to set an alarm or something, I don’t know and I thought I had escaped the particularly awkward moment of saying “Honey, I can’t snuggle because your stomach has grown spikes and is stabbing me!” But I was wrong. Not 5 minutes later he rolled back and I just blurted it out, total word vomit!

Me: “OMGeez your stomach hair is stabbing me and it hurts!”

Jesse: “What are you talking about?!?”

Me: ” I can FEEL the hair on your stomach stabbing me the back! Move! Move! Move! I don’t like it!”

Jesse: “Hahahahaha!” *snuggles closer*

Me: *shoves blank between us*

Jesse: “Stop putting a blanket between us!”

Me: “No, you’re hurting me. I don’t like it. Eww it feels bad!”

Jesse: “Ok fine, geez”

*silence for a moment*

Me: “Can I blog this?”

Jesse: “Yeah…But wait won’t that be weird since it’s talking about me not wearing a shirt?”

Me: “No, everybody knows boys don’t sleep with shirts on!! I am totally blogging this.”