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Exhausted January 12, 2010

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I have been up since 3:00am and I am seriously dragging people.

Jaxson was having no part of sleeping after 3:00am and decided that neither was Mama. Even when I put him in bed with me to snuggle, which he usually loves and makes him go right to sleep, no way, he was having no part of it. I thought maybe his tooth hurt so I gave him Tylenol (he is on his third tooth! Can you believe that?) That didn’t work so I gave him a half bottle (I never give them a whole bottle in the middle of the night, I don’t want to start that dependency again). That didn’t work so I just sat on the bed and held him. He would be ok for about 5 minutes and then we would have to move, then he would be ok, then we would have to move, lather, rinse, repeat.

I watched as 5:00am passed and he would still not go back to sleep, and my plans of getting up early and getting on the treadmill flew out the window. I watched as 5:30am passed and he was now only content to be held in a standing position. I don’t know about other mothers out there, but when you are tired and your child is being stubborn and fussy and in my case, screaming in the middle of the night, and then you stand them up and they start doing their cute little half smile and tiny giggle-that stuff is not cute! I wish I could say that because he smiled it melted my heart and I was glad to be spending this time alone in the semi-dark with him while he looks so content, but that would be a lie. The smile only lasted a few moments and then he was upset again. And even if it had lasted it wouldn’t have helped me any, I needed more sleep.

I lost 2 hours of sleep and 45 minutes of treadmill action this morning and I gotta tell you I was aggrevated. The minute the clock hit 6:00am I made 2 bottles and proceeded to tell Jesse the babies were going to eat and I was going to take a shower. *Please note- my husband could sleep through a tornado followed by a training crashing through bathroom wall, running through our room and out the wall on the other side NEXT TO HIS HEAD! So it’s not like I made him get up an hour early to feed them while I took a shower.* I turned my nightstand light on, propped pillows under the bottles and when I came out of my 30 minute shower I found Jaxson and Elizabeth happily drinking their bottles and Jesse ASLEEP. He slept through 3 hours of crying and 30 minutes with the light on, how does he do that??

Don’t let those big eyes fool you, he can be a little stinkerpants! Lucky for him I love him so much I only stay aggravated for a few minutes.


THANKFUL THURSDAY November 19, 2009

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Today I am feeling very thankful. A good friend of mine at work lost her mother yesterday and it has made me think an awful lot.

So without further ado…


1. My beautiful children. They are healthy and happy and they brighten my day always!

2. My amazing husband. I love you Jess! Thank you for always been the shoulder I need to cry on, the soft place to land after a hard day, my spiritual leader and teacher, my partner, my lover and my very best friend.

3. My parents. I have both of my parents as well as a stepmother and stepfather. Sitting across the hall from a woman who is only 10 years older than me and has lost both parents brings these things into perspective.

4. The relationship I have with my little Hannah Banana. The older we get the more we have in common. Now we don’t just look like sisters and act like sisters, we act like friends. Love ya you little munchkin.

5.  My in-laws. ALL OF THEM!! But especially, Ginger. I love you. Thank you for always being there, fielding the medical questions calls and thank you so much for your prayers. I know that they help us through a lot of things.  When I see you next week you are getting a big hug from this girl!

6. Having a job, car, house, food and the occasional new pair of shoes. I know that we are blessed in this economy. I know that while other people are worrying about paying for food this Christmas I am only worrying how I will have time to wrap all the presents and decorate the house.

7. Christmas. What a great time to remember the real reason for the season. My faith gets me through each and every obstacle that comes up and I am thankful to have the opportunity to truly celebrate my Lord and Savior, Jesus at this time of year.

8. My new found creativity. It is so nice to have an outlet for this. I have always wanted to craft and decorate and take on projects and now I finally am. (Going to Hob Lob during lunch!!)

9. Coworkers that are more than coworkers, that are friends.

10. Francine Rivers books. They have sparked by desire to read and devour a book again. (Start with Redeeming Love and then read Atonement Child!)

What are you thankful for?


I think I’ll stick with Raisin Nut Bran November 1, 2009

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The first time cereal experience was interesting. Here Jaxson and Elizabeth are unknowingly getting ready for this experience. In bumbo chairs, check. In clothes that can be ruined and Mom won’t cry, check. Bibs on, check. Cereal mixed, check. Daddy home in time to participate, barely check but CHECK none the less!



So Jaxson was first, and I gotta tell you, he was less than impressed. He mostly looked at me like I had clearly lost my mind. I could tell that if he was able to talk he would have said something like “Seriously Mom? Gross. Where is my bottle?”



(Yes I know  look a mess. Jaxson spit up on my sweater so I was wearing just my tank top. Stop looking at me and look at the cute babies!)


Needless to say, Jaxson only ate about 4 bites and we called it a draw. I say, good first try, no?

Elizabeth did pretty good, she probably ate more like 8 or 9 spoonfuls and she didn’t look disgusted or mad. So again I say, good first try, no?




But there is no need to worry my friends, Jaxson perked right up after I got that spoon away from him! 🙂



Cha Cha Cha Changes October 29, 2009

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It seems that I can not stay caught up with all the changes  these days. I knew when I had Jaxson and Elizabeth that life would never be the same, but I honestly did not think about the fact that things would change monthly, weekly, daily and sometimes even hourly.

My  growing 4 month olds look so different then the teeny babies that I brought home back in June. They smile, they laugh, they coo, they “talk”, they hold their own heads up, they are almost sitting up, Jaxson can stand with our help (he loves to straighten his little legs) and Elizabeth reaches out and grabs the things that she wants.

I am changing too. I knew I would love them. I knew I would do anything to take care of them and keep them safe and happy and healthy. But I did not know to what extreme I would love them or the extent I would go to care for them. There is literally, nothing I wouldn’t do for them. And that’s how it should be, don’t you think?

And tonight we welcome another change. Rice cereal. To many it may seem like just another parent thing. Just something you do, you feed your children. But to me, it is the huge step and milestone. These are not the children we struggled to get 1.5oz of formula in anymore, these are hungry little ones wanting real FOOD!

Let’s hope that it goes well. I will take lots of pictures. I am sure it will be funny to watch.

Who wants to bet $5 Ellie shoves the cereal out with her little overactive tongue?